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Keurig K475 vs K575

Coffee. Java. Joe. Mud. Brew. Everyone has their favorite nickname for that beautiful and magical liquid that gets you through your day. Some people can’t start their day without visiting their local coffee shop for that perfect steaming cuppa in the morning. It’s part of their daily routine and don’t you dare ask them to […]

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Keurig K40 vs K55

Keurig has long had a reputation for producing excellent single-cup coffee makers.  Their products have for years many attracted a broad audience worldwide among those that appreciate the ease and convenience of the K-Cup brewing system and who like a variety of flavors that this system offers. The company provides a range of product sizes […]

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Nespresso Evoluo vs Vertuoline

Nespresso Evoluo

There’s nothing quite like the perfect cup of coffee. For most people, a bad cup of joe can ruin their entire day. While there are many different coffee makers available, each seems to promise a high-quality brew every time. Inevitably, some fall short, leaving many people forcing down lukewarm coffee-flavored water just to get through […]

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Best New Nespresso Machine

There’s no denying that Nespresso knows how to brew a good cup of coffee. With each machine, they’re transforming the single-serve coffee industry, focusing on quality rather than low cost. The average coffee drinker may not care about crema on their morning cup of joe initially, but many find they love the taste and texture […]

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Does Nespresso Creatista Make The Best Coffee?

Nespresso Creatista

Finally! I can actually be a barista at home with the new Nespresso Creatista and make my latte art dreams come true! It was designed to be impressive. This machine housed entirely in high-quality brushed stainless steel has chrome accents that are polished to a high-shine. This Espresso machine makes producing your favorite Espresso beverages […]

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Nespresso Citiz vs Inissia

Sitting in your favorite coffee shop is a great time. But sometimes you just want to make your own espressos, largos and other coffee drinks at home. In order to get a café-quality cup of Joe (or something far fancier) at home, you’ll need a great home machine. Nespresso is an industry leader in home […]

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Nespresso vs Keurig vs Verismo – which is best?

There’s certainly no shortage of places to buy a cup of coffee. Heck, in a certain area of Manhattan two separate Starbucks locations are within a dozen steps of one another. But no matter how common the corner coffee shop may be, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as brewing your own coffee drinks at home. […]

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Tassimo vs Keurig

Are you tired of having to make an entire pot of coffee every time a single cup? Do you enjoy experimenting with different flavors? Tassimo and Keurig coffee makers are premium coffee machines which allow you to make the perfect cup of coffee every single time. Both Tassimo and Keurig machines work with specialty packets […]

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Jura vs Saeco Coffee Machines

If you are trying to compare Jura vs. Saeco coffee machines, then you have come to the perfect website. Here you will find all your research done for you so that you can make the best choice when it comes to producing exceptional coffee in your home or office. Jura has long been known as […]

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Breville vs Cuisinart Coffee Machines

Not all coffee enthusiasts have the same incomes or level of patience when it comes to brewing coffee. Some people just want a programmable coffee machine, but others want a high-end espresso maker. Some people drink coffee as an art and others just use it to wake up in the morning. Breville makes high-end espresso […]

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