Which Keurig Should I Buy?


Take a look at our comparison of the Keurig K40 vs K55, comparing the traditional K40 with the newer K55 model. But read on below for some of the similar features that have been carried over!

Traditional coffeemakers have seen a rapid decline in popularity in recent years. In their place, more and more consumers are turning to single-serve brewers. Instead of brewing an entire pot of coffee, these new systems brew one cup of gourmet coffee at a time – in usually less than a minute.

Keurig produces many of the most popular single-brewers on the market. They have a large product line with many distinct machines. Not sure which Keurig is best? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Because the 2.0 models are all under patent and lock you into Keurigs Capsules… Either go for a Keurig K40 or Keurig K45. Bear in mind it is a tight call, but the Keurig K40 has it on price.

Which Keurig Should I Buy?

Quality and Design

Keurig machines use K-Cups. These are single serving capsules you insert into the machine. Each capsule brews one cup of coffee. Most machines brew a cup in around a minute.

Each model has a slightly different style. There are also a few color options, depending on the style, with black being the most common color. The Keurig machines all have a sleek, contemporary look which will fit into just about any kitchen or office.

Keurig machines typically have adjustable cup sizes. The smaller the cup, the stronger the coffee. Large cup sizes will produce more diluted results. This allows you to create coffee of whatever strength you prefer. Quite a few Keurig machines are also programmable. With just one press of a button, the machine will dispense your preferred strength of coffee drink.

Our Recommendation

While all of the models are pretty nice, we prefer two in particular: the K40 and the K45. They’re neither the smallest nor the largest models in the Keurig line. Instead, the K40 and K45 are the “Goldilocks” of single-cup brewing machines. They’re large enough for an office but small enough for a home kitchen counter. They also have a nice selection of features and good price point. We’ll discuss the difference between Keurig K40 and K45 as we continue through the guide.

Keurig K40 and Keurig K45

Keurig Features

Keurig machines are designed to be http://toastmeetsjam.com/reader-reveals/lesson-in-breaking-up/ simple to use. The simpler models include a basic set of features. The more complicated models have a variety of features including larger reservoirs, programmable settings and adjustable sizing for multiple cups.

All the units in the Keurig line have buy dapoxetine in south africa removable drip tray. When the tray is removed, a large travel mug can be easily accommodated. Just don’t forget to replace the tray or you’ll end up with a wet counter next time.

Most Keurig brewers use Quiet Brew technology. Say goodbye to the “glug glug glug” of a traditional coffeemaker. Instead, you can prepare your coffee each morning without making a sound. The only way anyone else in the house will know when you’re making coffee is when they smell the delicious aroma. Note that there are two types of units which don’t use this Quiet Brew tech: the MINI Plus machine and the OfficePRO machine.

Concerned about energy use? The Keurig machines are all very energy efficient. Most models have an auto shut-off feature. There are different shut-off times for household models versus models used in busy offices. Plus, the units quickly warm up once turned on.

In fact, the fast brewing times are one of Keurig’s main selling points. Most models can brew a cup in about 60 seconds. The notable exception is the MINI Plus system, which takes about two minutes. But even two minutes is significantly faster than both traditional coffeemakers and other brands of single brew machines.

Keurig machines are easy to clean. The outside can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth. The used K-capsules can be easily tossed away. Plus, cleaning the inside is a snap with the rinse cycle feature. With just the push of a button, hot water is flushed through the machine. This removes all residual materials and build-up. The rinse cycle feature is especially useful in areas where the tap water contains a high concentration of minerals.

You don’t have to use the hot water simply for cleaning, either. You can also dispense hot water directly into a cup or mug. Without a dedicated hot water button, you’d otherwise need a cup in order for it to activate. But with the hot water button, you can easily make tea, hot chocolate or any other hot drink.

Our Verdict on Features

If you’re looking for an affordable machine which contains most of the useful features, we recommend both the K40 and K45. Both models include a 48 fluid ounce reservoir which creates about six cups of coffee before needing to be refilled. They also feature automatic on/off. Twelve K-Cups are included with each model to help get you started.

There are larger and smaller units available, including units with more features. But the K40 and K45 will fit on just about any type of kitchen counter. These units also have the major features most consumers want including a removable drip guard, dedicated hot water button, quick brew technology and more.


Initial Set-Up

The K40 and K45 do require some initial set-up. This will cleanse the machine and prepare it for use. First, you need to fill the water tank. Then heat the water. This will take about four minutes. The red “HEATING” light will illuminate on the LED Control Center. You’ll want to keep the unit in the sink while this process runs.

When the water is heated, the “HEATING” light will dim and the “SMALL MUG” button will flash. Press this “SMALL MUG” button to start the cleansing process. Let the hot water flow into the sink. The unit will probably recycle a few times. This means the “HEATING” light may occasionally turn on and off.

When the process is finished the red light will turn off. That’s it! The one-time setup process is now complete. You can brew your first cup of coffee.


The Keurig line is large and generally a great value. But, as with most home electronics, you can really spend a lot of money if you want. This is why we recommend the K40 and K45. They provide all the features you need but are very affordably priced. Simply put, the K40 and K45 are the best overall value on the market.

They include 12 K-Cups. Generally speaking, you’ll use one K-Cup for one cup of coffee. If you enjoy weaker coffee, you might be able to get two or even three cups from one capsule.

Of course, once you buy the machine, you’ll still need to purchase capsules on a regular basis. There are a lot of options but one popular choice is the assortment pack. This 30 pack includes coffees, teas, ciders, hot cocoas and cappuccinos. This works out to less than a dollar per drink. Certainly quite a deal compared to your local Starbucks!

Note that you should only use K-cups in your Keurig. Any off-brand capsules have the potential to damage the machine. But the good news is the K-cups are very affordable and high quality.

Our Recommendation

If you’re going to buy a single-cup brewer, you really can’t go wrong with a Keurig model. They’re the industry leader for a reason. Each machine in their line is well built, affordably priced and easy-to-use. Perhaps most importantly, they brew a delicious cup of coffee.

If you’re looking for the best overall value, we recommend both the K40 and K45. They’re the most well-rounded machines in the entire line. So if you’re tired of the hassle of traditional coffee makers – and the subpar coffee they produce – you should invest in a Keurig K45 or Keurig K40. You’re about to discover a whole new, better way to brew coffee. So which Keurig should I buy? You may well ask. Its very tight, but just on price alone…

The Keurig K40 has the advantage

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