About Me

Where does it end?

I’ve loved coffee since my first cup, and have blogged for a while, so thought I would combine the two and move to my own site. So hello and welcome to the “Brackinsbar.com” a virtual coffee bar where I will talk to the patrons about everything coffee.

I used to be a barrista in a popular little cafe, but customers dried up over time and my boss was convinced this was due to the improvement in home coffees.

So take a seat, look at my menu of posts, choose something you fancy reading and have a cup of coffee to hand because I’ve got a fair bit to tell you.

For me, my coffee adventure took off summer 2002. I was on a trip to Italy, I had been staying out there in hostels, and spending most of the time sitting out on the piazza’s. In Milan, to get to one in particular had me walking past, this Coffee shop every morning for three days, and only on the third day I went in. I bought my first:

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and of course freshly roasted beans.
The next morning I was the talk of the hostel, “The crazy American making his own coffee”. But I also formed some amazing friendships over the freshly brewed espresso I made. From that point on, my life was coffee!

I started just cleaning up but expressed interest in becoming a barista, serving truly authentic style Italian coffees. So, Kevin gave me a go one day when we were quiet. A taste test. I made the smallest cappuccino in an espresso glass. It was crazy enough to get me a job as a barista, even if he only went so far publicly as to say: “Not bad”.

It went on to be a signature drinking on the menu and won me pretty wide acclaim.

In about 2008 we were the busiest Kevin had ever been. Sadly though all good things come to an end, and Kevin sold the shop and we parted as friends. Kevin always blamed it on the change in the consumer, when home coffee makers started to take off.

I moved around for a while taking odd jobs here and there to pay the bills, until I decided to turn my passion into a chronicle, and so BrackinsBar.com was born and since then I have been comparing machines, gadgets and technology, against the tried and tested… me. To see whether Kevin was right.

So, now you know the back story, take a look at my blog and hopefully there will be some advice that might help you out. It’s not possible for a machine to create the barista touch, but YOU can use machines to make it easier.