Best Coffee Roasters

Do you love coffee, or know someone who does? Brewing your own coffee at home is a great way to make yourself a nice cup of Joe just the way you like it. But if you really want the best coffee possible, you should buy a coffee roaster, but what is the best coffee roasting equipment?

Home coffee roasting equipment has been growing in popularity for a few years now. They’re the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite coffee lover. Home roasting is easy, fun and inexpensive. It also allows for maximum freshness, which means brilliant intensity of flavour and aroma!

Personally I think the best coffee roasting equipment is made by Fresh Roast, in particular the Fresh Roast SR800! But I am a bit of a geek and the opportunity to hook it up to my computer is just too amazing for me to describe!!! It’s not the cheapest option from Fresh Roast, but offers me what I want and is considerably cheaper than the Gene Cafe!

With this article I will look at the basics of roasting, and the three market leading roasting machines.

Best Coffee Roasting Equipment

The basics of roasting aren’t that complicated. When you first start out, you might have to experiment a bit through trial and error. But unless you’re trying to make a very dark roast, your “experiments” will all be pretty delicious. Roasting at home is fun right from the start.

So, what do you need? What is the best coffee roasting equipment? There are a lot of options out there and it can be confusing. Don’t worry – we’ve got all you need to know.

Coffee Roasting Machines

Fresh Roast SR540 Roaster
Freshroast has long been an industry leader in roasters and their SR540 is one of their most popular models.

This home coffee roaster makes about 28 cups per batch. The SR540 has three temperature settings, which can be adjusted at any time during the process. The three settings are divided into the following categories:

Low temperature = 390°
Medium temperature = 455°
High temperature = 490°
There is also a Fan Speed Control which allows adjustments by 10% up or down. The temperature controls and the fan controls combined give you the ability to fine tune your roast. The Fresh Roast SR500 comes with a six month warranty for the glass chambers and a one year warranty for the blower base.

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Freshroast SR700 Roaster

Best coffee roasting equipmentThis roaster is an upgrade from the SR540. The SR700 has the same three temperature and fan settings. What makes this roaster different is the use of computer technology.

You can easily program the Fresh Roast SR700 with the digital control panel. Even better, you can attach this roaster directly to your PC with the included USB panel. Once connected, you can easily do any of the following:

  • Save profiles of current roasts and use them in the future
  • Adjust your current roast in real time
  • Perform diagnostic functions on the unit through the virtual control panel

This roaster also includes a full warranty.

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NESCO, CR-04-13

Go from your favorite green coffee beans to a light, medium, or dark roast with the Nesco CR-1010-PRR, allowing you to make truly fresh coffee in your own home.

Features Include:

  • Roasts up to 1/3 pound of beans in 30 minutes.
  • Catalytic technology helps to reduce smoke and avoid burning odor
  • Digital controls with pre-sets
  • Clear, upright drum with auger allows you view progress of the roast

The NESCO, CR-04-13 is a relatively lightweight unit that can easily be set up and put away for roasting small batches of coffee beans at home. Its controls and appearance are simple and intuitive, and labeled lines on the clear drum allow the user to easily know how much to fill for a dark roast vs. a lighter flavor. The operation is quiet and designed to avoid smoke when functioning properly.

One of the most commonly mentioned issues by users of the Nesco coffee roaster is that an internal plastic fan (and some other parts) will wear out or melt very early on in the lifespan of a lot of units. A number of people have reported that when this happens, customer service is often not positively responsive.

With many users experiencing quality control and reliability issues and difficulty with customer service, the Nesco CR-1010-PRR is a dice-roll at best. Those that have had it work well will swear by it and enjoy its simplicity, but the issues reported mean it is not highly recommended. More people have enjoyed the Behmor 1600 Plus when it comes to countertop coffee-roasting.

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Lamsion Coffee Roaster Machine Coffee Bean Roasting Electric for Cafe Shop Home Household Use

For those that have thought about starting with whole, raw beans and taking complete control of their coffee experience, the Lamsion is a handy countertop coffee roaster with some useful features.

Features Include:

  • Roasts up to 1 pound of coffee beans at a time
  • Smoke-suppression technology to allow you to roast coffee indoors
  • Removable drum that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 5 programmed roast settings that can be adjusted to user’s personal settings
  • Manual override and time controls that can be adjusted mid-roast

As one of the only countertop roasters that will roast a whole pound of coffee in one convenient process, this is a very handy machine for the home coffee drinker that wants to try fresh-roasted beans. The programmable settings are relatively easy to use for just about anyone, and the simple aesthetics make it fit as easily into the kitchen as a simple toaster oven might.

Experienced coffee roasters may find some frustration with the interface and functionality that is designed to be usable by anyone to start roasting their own coffee. Some users have found that the limitations on the machine keep them from getting a dark roast and that the roast can be inconsistent or finicky depending on settings.

While it’s not recommended for someone who already has all they need to roast their own coffee, the Behmor 1600 Plus can be a great addition to the kitchen for those that would like to start experimenting with roasting green coffee beans fresh. The simple design can help you discover your favorite personal roast right in your own home.

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What is the best coffee roaster?

I’m a geek at heart, so the ability to link up a computer to a coffee roaster is something I really like. For that reason I have gone for the Fresh Roast SR800. But all are equally good in their own ways!