Best Commercial Coffee Roaster

Everyone that knows even a little bit about coffee knows that the first step to a great cup is quality beans that have been roasted to perfection. If you are involved in the world of commercial coffee, then you need to know that the most important piece of commercial coffee roasting equipment is a quality commercial coffee bean roaster that allows you great control over the type of roast you produce.

Consistency is key in the world of commercial coffee roasting. Think about how Starbucks has developed such a loyal following of customers for a minute. Coffee consumers know that if they go into a Starbucks in one city and order what they are used to getting at home, they will get exactly the taste they want.

Developing your customer base means being able to offer a variety of roasts and blends that consumers can rely on time and time again. Changing out a roast and calling it the same thing is likely going to cost you, customers, if they have already developed loyalty to a certain flavor.

Ottimo Home Coffee Roaster

This machine has a look that makes it appear like a prop in a steampunk or retro world. This 1100 watt roaster is a reasonable option for home coffee roasters. With a capacity of only just over 5 ounces of coffee every 15 minutes, this is not a roaster for a commercial operation but rather suitable for a home with just a few coffee drinkers at most.

This quality machine is made in Korea and features a wide range of roasting levels. Beans are consistently roasted, so you get the roast you expect every time. We like that this roaster eliminates most of the smoke and smell that is associated with roasting coffee, so it is a great choice for those in smaller living spaces or sensitive smoke alarms.

Our Verdict

If you are comfortable with roasting beans daily or every other day and want a compact roaster, then Ottimo is not a bad choice for the job. At $600 this is an investment for a serious home coffee lover that wants the ease of an automatic roaster in a compact size. This is simply not a piece suitable to use as commercial coffee roasting equipment.

KALDI Home Coffee Roaster

The Kaldi has a slightly higher capacity and significantly lower overall cost than the Ottimo and a higher bean roasting capacity. This machine is capable of roasting ½ lb. of coffee at a time. If you are a restaurant, this may be all that you need if you want to have coffee that was most recently roasted.

This could be an excellent addition to a kitchen. Imagine what customers will think when they realize that you are roasting coffee several times a day, so they get the ideal cup to complement their meal. The stainless steel construction means you won’t be sad if someone sees this beautiful little roaster setting in your kitchen area.

The Kaldi requires an external propane burner, so this is something to consider when comparing costs and functionality. If you have a gas stove and can dedicate a burner at times, then this may be a good choice. The electric drum spins and easily creates a fantastic roast in 10-15 minutes.

A chaff holder and temperature probe are additional features. You can use this as an indicator of how to set your propane burner to achieve your roast.

Our Verdict

The Kaldi offers value and is easy enough to use. Having to adjust a propane burner might take a few tries to achieve a good effect, but the effort is well worth it. This roaster would be a superb fit in at a gourmet cafe or restaurant. Since there are so few parts, this is a roaster that is going to require less maintenance and have less of a chance of breaking down. The roaster needs to be used in conjunction with a vent hood.

Sonofresco 2100-S Propane Coffee Roaster, 2-Pound, Brushed Stainless Steel

This coffee roaster is a real work horse when it comes to roasting coffee. Of course, that comes at a price. At just under $3,300 this coffee roaster is designed for serious professional coffee houses. The capacity is listed as being about 50 lbs per day which are plenty for all but the largest of roasteries.

The heavy duty stainless steel construction means this roaster is built to last.

It is amazing how this roaster packs such power in a visually appealing table top model. Your customers will love seeing coffee roast and smell the heavenly aroma of what will be the perfect cup of coffee.

For a few hundred dollars extra you can get this roaster in a striking red color that is sure to delight your customers. You will need an exhaust system to run this machine which might add to your initial set up costs.

This is a simple coffee roaster to use with a full 2 lb roast taking just 18 minutes during which time you can relax or take care of other tasks around your business. Having this where customers can see it is sure to make an impression that is meant to last.

While the roaster is powered by propane, you will also need a small amount of power for the fan and control panel of the roaster. The Sonofresco is known for being very easy to use, so training employees is a breeze. In fact, Sonofresco says that you don’t even need any experience at all since you can easily select the type of roast you want.

Our Take On The Sonofresco

While the price may seem like a lot, there is no question that this is a roaster made for decades of heavy use. Investing in this piece of equipment is a space efficient choice that will pay for itself in little time. The fact that you can take care of other tasks while the roasting cycle takes place and completes saves countless hours over having to watch over a roaster the entire time.

Sonofresco Profile Coffee Roaster, 2-Pound, Propane

If you have your coffee roasting down to science or just want to have it that way in the future than look to the sleek Profile Coffee Roaster. With a 2 lb roasting capacity, this machine will take care of even large coffee roasting demands throughout the work week.

The Profile comes with Advanced Definition Roasting Software so you can create unique flavor profiles and develop greater roasting consistency, so customers get their exact roast each and every time. This roaster truly takes coffee roasting to another level. In 16-18 minutes your beans are done.

This visually stunning roaster is made to be displayed and release the aroma of freshly roasting coffee to your customers. You can show customers that your coffee is always fresh and delicious. The ADR software means that employees are easy to train to get the exact roast desired. No more getting the roast wrong if you use this machine.

The profile measures 21.5 x 14.5 x 29 inches and weighs in at a hefty 64 pounds, so you are going to need some help getting this roaster in place. It is amazing how small it is for the amount of roasting power you get. Business space costs a lot, and this roaster helps you make the most of it which can add up over the years.

Our Impression Of The Profile

The Profile is a solid commercial coffee roaster machine but at $4,800 it is a serious investment to make. If you are not interested in flavor profile software, then another model may be a better option for you to reduce the overall cost of purchase and set up. We love the software though and think that it could do a lot to increase consistency and quality at serious coffee establishments.

Sonofresco 1200-R Natural Gas Coffee Roaster, 1-Pound, Cherry Red

This small commercial roaster packs a lot of charm into it and has a generous 1 lb roasting capacity that is ideal for restaurants or small coffee carts and barista service. You can roast up to 25 lbs per day in this stunning machine that measures only 20.5 x 12.5 x 26 inches with a weight of 55 lbs. The roaster operates on natural gas and a small amount of 120-volt power for the control panel and fan.

Those that are looking for an entry level machine would do well to try out the Sonofresco 1200-R. Your customers will love the look and smell of their coffee roasting right before their eyes.

For those that have natural gas hook ups, this could be a very economical roaster to use.
You will need to have an exhaust vent where you use this USA made coffee roaster. Sonofresco machines have provided many years of reliable roasting to coffee shops, restaurants, and baristas. This is a machine that you will only need to buy once and could easily pay for itself in little time.

What We Think

At just over $2,700, you might want to consider the 2 lb roaster version of this machine for a mere $500 more. While this may sound like a considerable difference, it is important to realize that you can double your daily roasting capacity with the extra investment. This is especially true if you plan on expanding your roasting anytime shortly.

Either the 1lb or 2 lb versions packs a lot of good looks and plenty of capability to have a thriving coffee business.

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster

The Gene Cafe is designed with the home roaster in mind. It takes about 15 minutes to roast a ½ lb of coffee. This is a very compact unit that is made to last with heavy-duty stainless steel components and a tumbler that is on an off axis rotation, so you get an even roast every time you use it without having to stand around and watch it work.

At 16.4 lbs and 22.2 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches, The Gene Cafe will fit right in for many locations and the black design fits in any kitchen for a professional roasting look in the comfort of your home. The Gene Cafe has a function that allows you to make temperature changes at any point during your roasting time so you can truly create your unique roast from your favorite beans.

The roaster will alert you when beans have cooled down enough at the end of a cycle. At $600 this is a pretty major appliance purchase for just a household but the low volume of coffee it roasts at once means it would only be suitable for cafes or businesses with a small clientele.

What We Think

The Gene Cafe is a good unit for those that want an easy to use countertop roaster that they don’t have to watch over. The fact you can adjust temps at anytime is a major plus for those that like to play with coffee. There are simply not many roasters out there under $700 that offers all that the Gene Cafe does so if you only roast up to 5 lbs a day, it may be worth a second look.

Our Picks For Best Commercial Coffee Roasters

For the most serious commercial roasters are pick has to be the Sonofresco Profile Coffee Roaster with the Advanced Definition Roasting Software. This roaster encourages creativity and ensures that your product is consistent in flavor, aroma, and overall quality.

This can be what attracts and keeps your valuable customer base. The $4,800 price tag may seem like a lot when you can get the 2 lb roaster with no software or interface for $3,300, but there is more room for error when roasting or training employees to get the roast your customers want.

The enthusiastic home roaster should look to the Gene Cafe due to its ½ capacity and unique drum turning and temperature customization features. The capacity is double that of the Ottimo, and the price is the same.