Best Espresso Machine Under 100 Dollars

Best Espresso Machine Under 100 Dollars

When it comes to finding the best bargain espresso machines, you should look to brands that have been around for a while. Here are a few of my picks for the best espresso machine under 100 bucks in terms of quality of materials and how well they serve up your favorite cup of java. The best home espresso machines combine chic style as well because who wants an ugly appliance clogging up their counter space?

De’Longhi EC220CD Review

The Bar32 allows you to brew two delicious cups of cappuccino or espresso at once, so this is a great machine for couples or roommates that both enjoy fresh coffee. At under $100 this is a great bargain by any stretch and is a good candidate for the best espresso machine under 100 dollars. The Bar32 has a generous 35-ounce tank so you can brew at least 4 cups without having to refill the tank. The tank is removable so cleaning it is actually possible, unlike some machines.

The Bar32 has a swivel jet frother for easy prep of lattes and other specialty coffee drinks. Loose ground coffee can be used or pods if you like that sort of thing. All in all this machine has a lot to offer those on a budget that want a reliable machine with 15 bar pressure for good flavor extraction.

One feature of the DelonghiBar32 that is not usually found on machines with this low of a price, is the dual thermostats so coffee lovers can get the perfect cup by adjusting water and steam pressure separately. The stainless steel boiler and black exterior make the machine look very sophisticated and chic and match just about any décor.

I can see this machine being great for those of us that work in small offices and can have our own machine nearby or those that just enjoy espresso occasionally and want a machine that offers quality but doesn’t cost and arm and a leg to invest in. The self-priming smooth operation means that you don’t have to wait as long for your coffee.

Others that have purchased this machine report that they have experienced years of reliable service. A few customer said that after using the machine heavily for years they replaced it with the same model because at this price how can you go wrong? I personally have paid a lot more for machines that did not offer near the amount of features this one does.

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De’Longhi 15 bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review

Delonghi makes a lot of different appliances. This means they have a lot of experience building electric motors that last. This is a highly rated machine, so there is no surprise that it is one of the bestsellers on Amazon for machines under $100. At first glance, it looks like your typical black and stainless espresso machine but don’t be fooled, this is a very impressive compact espresso powerhouse!

I love the fact that this machine has two separate thermostats so you can adjust the water temperature and steam pressure for different brewing results. This is a good intro machine for those that have been curious about trying out a Delonghi but turned off by the higher end models.

The swivel jet frother made it easy for me to create a cappuccino with a perfect head in no time at all. It was really easy to maneuver the cup. You will need to buy your own frothing cup as this model doesn’t come with its own. Some users recommend purchasing a metal tamper separately as well because there is nothing in the box to pack your coffee down with when you load the filter. Of course at this price point I would not expect to get a full accessory pack anyway.

Making coffee with this model was fast thanks to the self-priming feature that means you don’t have to wait for it to go through a major start-up routine to enjoy a cup with a friend. Clean up is easy as well because you can remove the drip tray and the 35-ounce tank.

This brings us to capacity. I don’t like having to refill a water tank a lot. This just leads to more spills, and it takes me more time to get my coffee. For me, the 35-ounce tank is a real plus. If you enjoy entertaining, you will want an espresso machine that can handle making coffee for a few guests without taking forever. I am confident after using this machine that any friend would be impressed by the quality of the brew that can be made with this inexpensive yet highly functional espresso maker.

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Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Review

This model goes well beyond the typical Mr. Coffee that you are used to seeing at home improvement and hardware stores. This is a serious machine for those that love coffee but need a reliable workhorse machine that they don’t feel guilty about investing in.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a coffee maker is hard to keep clean or leads to a lot of drips on the countertops of my kitchen or office. The Mr. Coffee has an awesome drip tray that catches everything, and it removes for easy cleaning. No more constant wiping up or staining from old espresso that you forget to clean up when in a hurry.

It is surprising how big of a water tank this machine has for the money. With a tank that comes in at 40 ounces, you don’t have to refill that often even if you are sharing the maker with a loved one or roommate. This is a perfect budget machine for a busy student. After trying out this machine myself, I am sure that this could handle a household of fairly heavy coffee drinkers without much trouble.

To top it all off, the machine has a frother built in, surprising in a machine with this low of a price tag. A 15 bar pressure system ensures that you are getting the full flavor profile of whatever coffee you choose to use. It is great that this machine allows you to fill it with your own grind instead of using pricier prefilled pods. If you are a serious espresso enthusiast, those pods can take a bite out of your budget.

It is impressive that others that have reviewed this machine reported over five years of heavy use with no problems at all. This is a phenomenal record of reliability for a machine that can be had for under $60 if you catch a sale on Amazon. The machine is small and compact yet you can fit a full sized mug under it with no problems. Some users have even reported making 40 cups a day with this little machine! While that much may sound like a lot, if you live with a few other coffee enthusiasts it is not hard to find yourself making a lot of coffee, especially if you have many friends drop by.

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What is the Best Espresso Machine under 100 bucks? And the winner is…

All the machines above obviously have their merits, and I am a firm believer that while one machine may be good for one person, the addition of one single feature can make it a lot better for another. While the three machines reviewed all vary in features, they are all capable of making multiple shots of espresso at once.

As far as overall value for what is offered, The Mr. Coffee is hard to beat. It costs less than some standard drip coffee makers and a lot of customers report using it as much as some busy office machines get used. The fact that you don’t have to buy brand specific pods is nice as well.

The Poemia sells for a lot more on average than the other two espresso machines discussed here (check out my post on the best espresso machine under 200), however, it does offer a slightly more solid body due to the all stainless construction. At the same time, customers don’t seem to be as satisfied with this machine as they are with the Mr.Coffee or Delonghi.

The Delonghi gets a lot of points for having the highest number of satisfied customers and doesn’t cost that much more than the Mr. Coffee. In my own experience, Mr. Coffee machines have had a tendency to drip a bit more than I like thus causing more of a mess than I like, but the machine reviewed here did not seem to have the same issue.

If I had to buy one right now, I would go with the Mr. Coffee for overall quality, value, and the high capacity reservoir, so you don’t have to refill the tank as much. If you are a student, the higher capacity tank can be great because you don’t have to carry water to your dorm room as often. The Mr. Coffee has a lot of potential as a low-cost office espresso maker as well.