Best Hot Chocolate Maker

Buying a hot chocolate machine can be an expensive and confusing process, with so many options available in the marketplace with such a variety of available features and prices. In this blog I’ll go over five of my favorite hot chocolate machines, explaining the differences between them and the best functions of each so that you can be a more informed consumer when in the market yourself! And maybe you’ll finally be able to make the perfect hot chocolate you’ve always wanted in your own home!

Mr Coffee BVMC-HC5 Cafe Cocoa Hot Chocolate Maker

This moderately priced hot chocolate making device is ideal for household use. Weighing in at 3.6 pounds and capable of producing roughly four mugs of hot chocolate per cycle, the machine is a good size and can produce ample amounts of hot chocolate. The machine also has a handy automatic turn off feature for when the hot chocolate production cycle finishes, and we think that the sleek black design of the machine is very aesthetically pleasing and could be made to fit into any kitchen with style.

Arguably the best selling point of this machine is the ease of operation. Customers regularly feedback that the process of putting the ingredients in, turning the machine on and finishing with delicious hot chocolate is remarkably easy, taking roughly five minutes for the machine to fully cycle. The machine can be used with your choice of chocolate powder, chips or even broken chocolate bars, giving you a plethora of options for creative hot chocolate recipes! It even works fine with added cinnamon sticks, a great way to make your hot chocolate aromatic and taste truly brilliant. It is also said by customers that the drink produced by the machine is always at an ideal temperature to drink, not too warm, not too cold, a common problem with other machines. This appliance is also relatively quiet when in cycle, meaning it can be left to work in the background without disturbing you.
Mr Coffee have a reputation for being a great, high quality brand and go to the effort of including a booklet of twenty hot chocolate recipes with every machine, a nice touch in our view. Customer service is fantastic, and the machine can be used to froth up milk by itself to use in homemade milky coffees (such as cappuccino) or chai lattes, something we feel gives this machine another degree variability and usefulness. Overall this device is easy to use, a fantastic outlet for hot chocolate creativity and has a very reasonable price. In my view, a great choice.

Mr Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker

The Mr Coffee Cocomotion has been on the market for years, and is considered to be a legendary machine amongst hot chocolate fans. The hot chocolate machine is quite small, weighs 3.4 pounds and can produce four mugs of hot chocolate per cycle. The machine is white, and whilst it could fit well into any kitchen I am not sure whether it is quite as slick as the BVMC-HC5 machine discussed earlier. Making hot chocolate with this device is relatively straight forward and fast.

Due to the design and shape of the machine, it is very quick and easy to clean compared with other models. There are on and off buttons clearly and easily located on the front of the device with a convenient indicator light, alongside an automatic off system when the cycle is finished. The machine produces hot chocolate which customers describe as always being at a perfect temperature with plenty of froth, and the machine has internal measuring scales making it even easier to follow hot chocolate recipes accurately when using this device.
Whilst this machine is of a very high quality and produces exceptional hot chocolate, it must be pointed out that because of the age of the device and amount of time it has been available, Mr Coffee have discontinued it themselves and hence no longer provide a warranty for their product. A warranty must bought separately as the manufacturer will not repair or replace faulty machines directly, something to consider when purchasing! However the legendary status of this machine, coupled with the moderate price, easiness to clean and great quality hot chocolate means that in my mind the Mr Coffee Cocomotion should definitely still be up for consideration!

Hershey’s Hot Beverage Machine CL400BGH

Whilst this device is not specifically designed for producing hot chocolate alone, it still makes a great drink and makes it onto our list of best hot chocolate machines because of its low cost, ease of operation and large volume.
The Hershey’s Hot Beverage Machine is a light device, weighing only one pound, and has a very simplistic nature to it. As the machine is not made specifically for hot chocolate there are no hot chocolate specific features, however like any other machine by simply adding chocolate powder, milk or water and whichever other ingredients of your pleasing it will produce great tasting hot chocolate; it is extremely easy and straight forward to operate.

The device has a huge capacity of sixty ounces (for comparison the previous two devices were thirty two ounces, so this is almost double!) meaning you can make around seven to eight mugs of drink per cycle. Each batch takes around twelve minutes from start to finish which, given the increased volume, isn’t bad. However unlike other machines the hot chocolate itself comes out very hot rather than warm due to the thermometer not being purposefully made for hot chocolate only. The machine has a ‘froth only mode’ which is designed to only froth up already heated liquids which can be added into the container. This is very useful for making hot chocolate where perhaps some people want froth and others don’t.
I would highly recommend this product on the grounds of its low, good value price and huge capacity of sixty ounces, both of which make it extremely practical for home use. However if you want truly excellent, high quality hot cocoa I would recommend to consider a slightly more expensive and smaller hot chocolate only device, to mitigate temperature problems and to allow you greater flexibility in ingredients.

Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker and Milk Frother

The focus of this high end Italian hot chocolate machine is on quality, and in our view this device produces delicious, lavish hot chocolate to be envied. The machine has a sleek, modern black and metallic design that would look great in any modern kitchen.

The Bialetti machine has a capacity of thirty two ounces, so can produce roughly four cups of hot chocolate per cycle. Like many other devices, it has an automatic off function set to a timer which is manually controlled, so dependent on the volume of drink you are making you can leave the machine to produce hot chocolate at an ideal temperature for immediate consumption, not overly hot or cold but just right.

Although it might take a few tries to perfect the knack, once you’ve got it producing great drink with this machine is extremely straight forward. According to customers the machine is well built, and has a sturdy design unmatched by cheaper devices. It is ideal for frothing milk for coffees and making chai lattes, and unlike many other machines has a ‘cool mixing function’ designed for frothing milk without heating, ideal for making refreshing iced drinks in the summer.
Overall I’d say that whilst this machine is very much at the high end of the market, whether or not its high price tag is justified depends on what you are looking for. The hot chocolate you will make with this device is exceptional, but you are very much paying for the luxurious European brand at the same time. The machine is durable and high quality, but perhaps a little overpriced for most people. If getting the absolute best hot chocolate is your priority though, this machine is worth a second look.

5L Commercial Hot Chocolate Machine with Adjustable Temperature

This commercial hot chocolate machine is designed for producing good hot chocolate on a large scale. With a volume of five litres, this device can produce twenty five 200ml cups of hot chocolate per cycle (or even more depending on your cup volume!) and can also be used for coffee as well as hot chocolate. It is designed for and is ideal for commercial use, for example in a coffee shop or workplace, however this device would also be great for use at large parties, or even at home if you and your family are big hot chocolate drinkers!

The device is expensive, but given the huge volumes of drink it can produce and the convenience that brings it is fairly priced on balance.
The machine is, as expected, very large due to the five litre volume. It is quite heavy, weighing 20.7 pounds, and as a result most people would probably struggle to fit it in a standard kitchen as it is quite tricky to move around. It has a removable bowl making it straight forward to clean, and the machine has a slow stirring paddle mixer design, meaning that the hot chocolate produced is of good quality. It is available in a variety of different colours, including black, red, white and silver, and comes with a solid one year warranty from the manufacturer.
This device is different to the other four I have discussed due to its commercial design, however if you are looking to produce hot chocolate for a lot of people at once I would recommend this machine. In a shop, the device would pay itself back very fast. Under use at parties in the workplace, the five litre volume and temperature gauge would be perfect for storing enough drink for a lot of people throughout the day. Although it is expensive, if you need to provide decent quality hot chocolate at a warm temperature for a lot of people, this is your machine.

The Verdict

Of the five devices I have talked about in this blog post, all have different unique selling points and purposes. The two Mr Coffee machines are made to be convenient, easy to work, small, light and practical, ideal for use in the home. The Hershey’s machine is made for flexibility, providing the means to produce a variety of different drinks with a relatively large volume of seven to eight cups per cycle. The Bialetti machine is designed to make high end, top notch quality hot chocolate which comes with a bigger price tag, but for true hot chocolate fanatics could well be worth the extra money. The commercial machine is standard for the job of making hot chocolate for larger numbers of people, and would be ideal for use in a shop, workplace or party. I hope that you have found this blog to be informative in assessing some of our favorite machines, giving you an idea of price and best features to look out for. I wish you the best of luck in buying your own machine, and making your own homemade hot chocolate!