Best Latte Machine

If you love your morning cup of coffee or a leisurely latte in the afternoon, then nothing beats the ability to make your own latte coffee at home. With latte machines now being more affordable than ever before, there has never been a better time to buy your own coffee machine to brew a perfect latte whenever you like. Below I have selected 5 of the best coffee machines that make lattes, from all the best brands from Nespresso and Keurig to Mr Coffee and DeLonghi.

Latte Machines For Home

Mr Coffee Cafe Latte Machine – BVMC-EL1

When choosing a latte machine for home use, this is a wonderful contemporary looking cafe latte machine as well as being one of the cheapest ones in my review. If I was going to be picky I would say that this is actually a cafe au lait machine, as it uses a coffee ‘drip’ method to brew the latte, but having said that, it still makes an awesome milky coffee, which is what I view as a latte. The best feature is that the machine is incredibly easy to use as you simply load the machine as per the simple instructions, press the button and away you go. It is able to make up to 24 ounces of coffee in one go which is pretty impressive, as well as having the ability to make hot chocolate for the whole family.

What I Like

  • Incredibly easy to wash and keep clean.
  • A lovely looking coffee machine.
  • The milk frother froths milk to perfection.
  • Comes with an awesome recipe book. I’ve tried the Nutella cafe latte and it is to die for.
  • Saves you energy as it powers off once the latte has been made

What I Don’t Like

  • It obviously takes a little longer to clean than your pod based machines
  • You can only make lattes, so you are slightly limited if you also prefer other coffee based drinks

Starbucks Verismo 600 Brewer

I just love Starbucks so this machine is just perfect for me! It makes an espresso caffe latte and I think that it does a great job. In under a minute the coffee maker brews your espresso and then adds the frothed milk from the milk dispenser to form your latte. If you have never used a coffee machine in your home before, then I feel that this is probably one of the easiest machines to use, partly due to the fact that it uses a pod based system. The machine is also ultra slim allowing it to be placed anywhere within your kitchen or home office.

What I Like

  • Brews your latte in less than a minute
  • It’s a pod system so creates very little mess
  • Great value for money for making a Starbucks styled latte
  • Heats up very, very quickly
  • I can also brew a cup of tea via a Starbucks tea pod!
  • It just looks so stylish and shiny.

What I Don’t Like

  • I feel that the machine doesn’t quite heat up the milk to my liking. The lattes are hotter in Starbucks
  • I did find changing the water tank a little tricky to begin with as you can’t remove it
  • You are limited to only using Starbucks pods, so the range of coffee drinks is not as varied as other machines

Automatic Latte Machines

Keurig Rivo

No review would be complete without talking about a Keurig coffee machine. The Rivo is a joint cappuccino and latte coffee maker that operates via a coffee pod system. In fact I particularly like this machine as you can brew any kind of coffee, not just lattes, that also include espresso, tea, chocolate and milk based drinks. As an automatic latte machine it has the dual purpose of brewing espresso while frothing milk in a variety of 3 different ways on the other side for the perfect cappuccino or latte.

What I Like

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • No nonsense cleaning as it uses pods
  • Brews your coffee incredibly quickly
  • Perfect cup of coffee every time due to pod system
  • Variety of flavored lattes and coffees available

What I Don’t Like

  • I noticed that cracks appear in the plastic frothing cup over time
  • The milk frother can overflow so you need to make sure to fill it correctly
  • I feel that the espressos are on the weaker side, a bit too weak for my liking

DeLonghi Lattissima Plus

This great looking silver DeLonghi coffee maker is able to make you the perfect latte at home or work. It uses Nespresso pods making it incredibly easy to use. Once you have loaded a pod into the machine, you simply choose your chosen drink by pressing the button and the machine does all of the hard work for you. To make a latte all you have to do is attach the milk container that is included with the machine and it will brew and then dispense your latte into your latte glass. Then, once the drink has been made, the empty pod is collected in the machine’s ‘bin’ that can hold up to a maximum of 10 pods.

What I Like

  • The machine is fully automated. You press the button for your chosen drink and it makes it!
  • You can make your drink exactly how you like it as the four pre-set coffee options can be customized.
  • It is a small machine so I found that it could fit easily into my small kitchen space.
  • As it uses coffee pods I found there was no mess and no coffee grounds!
  • Saves energy as automatically switches off after 9 minutes of making the last drink.

What I Don’t Like

  • The largest latte that you can make is only that of 400ml and I do like a large latte.
  • I prefer my espresso really hot, but I feel this machine doesn’t make it quite hot enough.
  • The milk frother does a fantastic job of heating the milk, but doesn’t make it frothy enough for my cappuccino.

Cuisinart EM-600 Espresso Café Latte Machine

This latte machine is a bit more on the high end of the range. As with all pod coffee makers, as the machine is automatic just one button needs to be pressed to brew the coffee, with 8 options for espresso, lattes or cappuccinos. When making a latte, all that is needed is the pod and any type of milk (soya included) that is added to the milk froth dispenser. As the coffee is brewing the milk is frothed and then added to the espresso. The cup warming plate is a great extra feature for the money, making sure your coffee is always piping hot.

What I Like

  • Brews a latte incredibly quickly
  • Makes a HOT cup of coffee – not lukewarm, it also has a cup warming plate
  • Milk reservoir can make up to 6 cappuccinos, while the water reservoir can make up to 20 espressos.
  • The machine features a removable water reservoir, so I found it very easy to fill the machine.

What I Don’t Like

  • I can’t use reusable pods with this machine
  • Uses the Illy coffee pods, which are less readily available and provide less coffee choice than Keurig.
  • The price tag – this one is a little bit more expensive, even if it does have some cool extra features.

Pick Your Favorite Latte Machine!

When searching for a latte coffee maker to use at home or work these five machines are pretty fantastic at doing their job. I suppose that we all have different tastes and opinions of what the perfect latte is, but in choosing one of these five, you can’t go far wrong. To learn more about a specific maker please do click on the relevant link and read up more on the product website. I hope you find your perfect latte coffee machine and that my review has been helpful. Send me your questions and comments in the comments section below!