Best New Nespresso Machine

There’s no denying that Nespresso knows how to brew a good cup of coffee. With each machine, they’re transforming the single-serve coffee industry, focusing on quality rather than low cost. The average coffee drinker may not care about crema on their morning cup of joe initially, but many find they love the taste and texture of these drinks more than any other coffee maker.

Embracing the European Coffee Culture

Each year, Nespresso develops new machines develops new machines but never loses sight of their original purpose: to produce a great cup of coffee, every time. The company follows the European coffee tradition where each cup should be something worthy of savoring rather than devoured in a few seconds. To this end, they use only the best coffee beans and roast them perfectly to enhance each variety’s natural flavor profiles.

We’ve reviewed four great new coffee machines from Nespresso, click on the links to jump to the review of each coffee maker:

Why Nespresso?

There are hundreds of coffee makers on the market, ranging from the humble French press to fancy automatic drip coffee makers, but the single-serve coffee market beats most of them for convenience. Nespresso excels at making a great cup of coffee in under a minute, giving even the groggiest coffee lover a delicious beverage with as little fuss and wait as possible.

The single-serve coffee industry is creating a lot of heavy competition, but Nespresso’s focus on quality and consistency outshine the bright colors and flashy designs of other brands. Furthermore, their unique brewing method creates a high-quality crema on each cup of coffee or espresso that rivals some coffeehouse beverages. Why not make the best cup of coffee possible at home and skip the long wait at the barista counter, especially if you’re looking for a daily caffeine fix?

The Best New Nespresso Machines

Each year, Nespresso comes up with a new and improved machine to complement their older models. The company addresses the concerns coffee drinkers raised about the previous models and works to make new versions better. It should come as no surprise that the company that prides itself on producing great coffee every time would listen to the concerns of its customers.

This year, Nespresso has released four wonderful additions to the single-serve coffee maker lineup and choosing between them can be difficult, even for the most seasoned coffee connoisseur. We’ve taken a look at each of the four coffee makers to help you make an informed decision, so you can enjoy the best cup of coffee possible.

Nespresso Creatista

The Creatista makes creating high-quality espresso drinks at home simple without the use of a complicated espresso machine or tons of accessories. True to the line, the machine utilizes capsules filled with high-quality espresso, roasted perfectly to enhance the flavor of the beans and provide the smoothest finish every time.

The machine is a team effort between Breville, known for quality espresso makers, and Nespresso to create an on-demand espresso machine that combines the convenience of single-serve capsule coffee.

The machine features the basic tools required to create a great espresso drink, including a fully automatic steam wand and a durable stainless-steel milk jug.

The Creatista is a great option for coffee drinkers looking to expand their palates from regular coffee to great espresso. Each machine heats water in as little as three seconds, reaching the ideal temperature for each capsule in as little time as possible. Like most Nespresso machines, the Creatista is designed for convenience and speed without sacrificing the quality of the beverage.

What We Love:

  • The machine is programmable for different cup sizes, giving a true barista-like feel to the process.
  • Espresso is best brewed under high pressure, and the Creatista boasts 19 bars of consistent pressure, creating a smooth and delicious espresso shot every time.
  • The water tank is removable for easy cleaning and can hold up to 50 ounces of water.
  • Like many machines in the Nespresso lineup, the Creatista is available in seven colors and finishes to suit anyone’s sense of style and décor.

What We Dislike:

  • The drip tray is not as sturdy as other dedicated espresso machines and could warp or be damaged after extensive use.
  • The setting knob is counterintuitive for many people; it turns counterclockwise rather than clockwise to adjust settings on the machine.
  • The built-in drawer does not open completely on its own and would benefit from being spring loaded.

Overall, the Creatista is a great way for coffee lovers to develop their barista skills and create high-quality espresso drinks at home.

Nespresso KitchenAid Artisan

The Nespresso KitchenAid Artisan espresso maker uses the high-quality espresso cups from the Original Line to create a delicious and consistent espresso with the touch of a button. The machine features six pre-programmed cup sizes, giving the at-home barista control over the size of their drink every time they want an espresso. With a 44-ounce removable water tank, the machine is easy to clean and features an automatic shut-off function to help conserve energy.

The KitchenAid Artisan’s claim to fame is the iconic rounded silhouette and bright, vibrant colors. Those characteristics are carried over into the espresso maker and complement any existing KitchenAid accessories in both color and shape.

Though stylish, this espresso maker packs a punch and makes creating the perfect drink easy with a short 25-second heat time, getting water to the ideal brewing temperature automatically.

What We Love:

  • The iconic KitchenAid shape and colors let the espresso maker blend in with other KitchenAid accessories while providing the same quality and durability associated with the brand.
  • Like the Nespresso Vertuoline, the espresso maker features a built-in container to hold used capsules, making cleanup simple and consolidating the capsules for easy recycling.
  • The machine uses 19 Bars of pressure to extract flavor from the espresso capsule without making the coffee bitter or over-extracting the grounds.
  • The drip tray folds up for easy storage, reducing the risk of damaging the tray when not in use.
  • The built-in automatic frothing wand can heat milk up to 170 degrees quickly, but also allows for cold milk froth with the touch of a button.

What We Dislike:

  • On its own, the machine does not produce the same amount of crema as other Nespresso espresso makers.
  • Over time, the mechanism that punctures the capsules can become dull and may struggle to get through the foil top.
  • The machine cannot accommodate dented or otherwise damaged Nespresso capsules, so additional care in storing and loading the capsules must be taken.

The KitchenAid Artisan espresso maker lets coffee connoisseurs make espresso quickly in the comfort of their own home. While it may not be able to make that triple half-caf macchiato, it can produce a great tasting drink in minutes.

The Nespresso Prodigio

The Nespresso Prodigio takes convenience to a whole new level. This machine uses the Nespresso Original Line espresso capsules to create delicious espresso drinks with its standard 19 bar pressure pump. The consistent high-pressure brewing allows for the perfect, barista-quality extraction every time without resorting to a complicated and often costly espresso machine.

Like other Nespresso models, the Prodigio produces a thick, smooth layer of crema on each cup, releasing the delicate aromas of the coffee while letting the flavors of the roast shine through with every sip.

Its’ water reaches the ideal temperature in as little as 25 seconds, and the system incorporates the Vertuoline’s automatic capsule ejecting system for easy disposal and cleanup.

What makes this coffee maker stand out is its automatic brew function. The machine syncs with smartphones through a proprietary mobile app. From the app, the machine can be programmed to brew instantly or to brew at a specific time. This transforms an already fast process into a reliable and easy morning routine that rivals the convenience of any drip coffee maker.

What We Love:

  • The Prodigio’s timer makes it possible to enjoy espresso the minute the alarm clock goes off, so there’s no need to muddle through the morning until reaching a local coffee shop.
  • The espresso maker brews in three pre-programmed sizes, giving it the flexibility to produce an ideal cup of coffee every time.
  • The drip tray is adjustable and can accommodate both large coffee mugs and smaller espresso cups without splattering the counter.
  • The Prodigio takes up less counterspace than other models with its compact design and rotating water tank.
  • The espresso maker sends alerts through the app, notifying the user when the machine is ready to use and when the coffee is done.

What We Dislike:

  • The water tank only holds 27 ounces of water, so it may need to be refilled multiple times each day, depending on use.
  • The built-in milk frother is attached to the water tank, making it difficult to position the wand at times.
  • The Prodigio may not be able to brew a good cup of espresso if the capsule is dented or damaged, so added care is needed when loading the machine.
  • The folding drip tray feels a bit flimsy but does not vibrate as the coffee is being brewed.

Nespresso U

The Nespresso U is the next wave in coffee brewing technology. The machine features a unique compact design, reducing its footprint on the countertop. Like most Nespresso espresso makers, the U uses 19 bars of pressure to give the user a smooth, quality cup of espresso with the right amount of crema every time.

The system reaches ideal temperature in 25 seconds, for fast brewing and the drip nozzle is fully retractable to reduce drips and messes in the drip tray. The tray accommodates three cup sizes from the U’s three programmed settings.

Unlike other models that rely on a physical button, the U utilizes a unique touch technology.

One swipe of a finger across the top of the machine activates the water heating element and preps the espresso maker for use. The only physical buttons on the machine are those used to select a cup size. Best of all, the machine remembers the most frequently used cup size, so users won’t have to worry about programming the machine each and every time.

What We Love:

  • The touch sensitivity is a simple way to activate the machine without having to look for a small button, making it easy to start the brewing process with a simple gesture.
  • The machine still uses the automatic capsule ejecting feature of other larger models, despite its relatively small size.
  • Low water levels in the water tank trigger an indicator light, so users never have to worry about running out of water in the middle of a brewing cycle.
  • There are no bells and whistles—it’s a simple espresso maker designed for convenience, speed, and consistency every time.
  • The Nespresso U produces a thick layer of crema on each cup, every time without any additional programming or effort from the user.

What We Dislike:

  • The small footprint forces the machine to only hold 12 used capsules, forcing users to empty the container more frequently than other models.
  • After repeated uses, the touchpad area does tend to heat up, potentially damaging the internal electronics over time.
  • The capsule puncturing point may dull over time, making it difficult to brew espresso without damaging the pods themselves.
  • No automatic cleaning cycle for easy maintenance.
  • When the used capsule container is full, the machine may jam during the auto-ejection process, so it’s best to double check the storage area before brewing coffee.

The Winner is…

The Nespresso Creatista! The Creatista takes everything great about the Nespresso line and combines it with a solid design from Breville, known for their high-quality kitchen accessories. The flexibility of this machine and the superb barista-like quality of the coffee it produces makes it stand out as the clear winner in the lineup.

Though the machine does not have an automatic timer, the process is still fast enough to be convenient for most users. The built-in frothing wand and the larger capacity water tank make brewing cup after cup of great espresso easy and fun. While other models may have a simpler design and more convenient settings, the Creatista produces the best single-serve espressos in the lineup.