Types Of Espresso

What Types Of Espresso Are There?

Types of Espresso

The last three types of machine (Pod, Semi-automatic and Bean to cup) create espresso shots. There are many espresso-based drinks. A shot can be single, double, or triple in size and each is about equal to 7 grams of ground coffee. Length may be reduced, normal, or long so a smaller or larger drink may have the same quantity of grounds.

The most frequently ordered servings are:

  • Single shot: One ounce of espresso.
  • Double shot: Twice as much coffee is used, rather than this simply being two ounces of espresso.
  • Ristretto: Known as the short shot, it refers to the first ¾ ounce extracted.
  • Lungo: The long shot is 1½ ounces of espresso.

The most common types of espresso ordered in coffee shops are made with milk. Latte makers and high end coffee machines like the Nespresso Creatista attempt to replicate these at home, but the reality is you need a more expensive coffee maker and a bit of experience to make it really like the coffee shops!

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Some common “frothy coffee” and other espresso types include:

  • Cappuccino: Espresso is the foundation for cappuccinos, which include a single shot mixed with steamed, wet milk. This drink doesn’t have to be topped by frothy foam. Cocoa or grated chocolate are sometimes added.
  • Espresso Machiatto: A shot of espresso, with a layer of foamed milk added. Some choose to combine it with caramel or vanilla.
  • Espresso con Panna: A layer of whipped cream on top of an espresso shot.
  • Café Latte: A sweet drink with a shot of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. A double shot is most often used in the United States.
  • Café Americano: A shot is added to hot water, yielding a creamy, rich coffee.
  • Mochaccino: Chocolate syrup or a powder is added.

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