Fresh Ground Coffee

Why Is Fresh Ground Coffee Better?

The Importance of Fresh Grinding

Many coffee drinkers all over the world start their day with a brew from vacuum-packaged grounds, the bag of coffee they ground at the store a few days ago, or the sealed single pod for convenience.

Any of these can make a good cup of coffee, but the simple step that can elevate that to a great cup of coffee is brewing from freshly ground beans at home. That’s why it’s important to find the right grinder and start grinding your beans fresh for the coffee maker.

Ground CoffeeThe roasted outer shell of a coffee bean is like armor for all the things we love about coffee. It seals and protects the flavorful oils and aroma inside. At the instant beans are ground, they begin to lose those to oxygen and other contamination, giving up as much as 60% in the first 15 minutes. Truly amazing tasting coffee comes from beans that have just been ground and gone straight into the machine to preserve their full potential.

The different methods for brewing coffee require a different level of coarseness or fineness to really extract the flavor you’re looking for from the fresh grounds. It’s this combination of grinding and brewing methods that makes the difference between a shot of espresso, a pot of drip coffee, or a Turkish coffee.

It’s possible to try all of these different methods in your own home, but this is another area where it is so beneficial to have a good coffee grinder. Rather than having to keep numerous different packages of grounds—which, once again, have already lost some flavor and will lose more as soon as the package is open—you can simply stock your favorite quality whole beans and choose the individual grind on any given day to have multiple methods available. Every time you make coffee in any style, it can be fresh, rich, and more flavorful with one simple step.

A lot of coffee drinkers don’t take that step to grinding their own coffee because of a perceived cost in money and time. The reality is that it’s not that much more.

Good, simple coffee grinders cost as low as $20 retail, and that’s without hunting up a good sale. These models don’t have a lot of fancy settings, but they can get you started and noticing the difference that a fresh grind makes. They may be all you need to enjoy truly fresh coffee, but if you choose to upgrade to something with a few more specific settings, a reliable machine can be found for about $100, which is not much in the long run.

Time is also not as much a factor as people think. In most cases, the grounds for just about any amount of home coffee can be produced in under a minute! Just a matter of seconds and you can have fresh ground coffee on any given day.

The reality is that there’s so much to gain and very little to lose from keeping a coffee grinder in your home. It’s worth the investment, whatever level you choose, to try completely fresh coffee and see just what you’ve been missing in the flavor and aroma maintained inside each of those little beans.

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